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Are you keen to get your products and services to market quickly and easily whilst saving costs? And do you want to offer customers a flawless and fast checkout? If yes, then you've come to the right place. OrderCentral is the most affordable, out-of-the-box B2B Commerce solution on Salesforce. With an easy to set up platform and rapid integration of your payment provider, we help you put your customer first from the get-go.


User-Friendly Interface

Add products within seconds using our point-and-click and drag-and-drop functionality. Your customers will equally experience ease-of-use during checkout.


Quick & Easy Set Up

We pride ourselves in a quick and easy, out-of-the-box setup which you can further tailormake according to your company's needs.


Affordable Cost-Per Order

A highly affordable B2B Commerce option for small to medium-sized enterprises. We grow with you and support you in developing your business.

Let us help you put your customer first

OrderCentral's B2B Commerce platform can be effortlessly set up and customized according to your needs. We're happy to show you the ins and outs and just how simple our platform is to use - both for you and your customers. Feel free to request a personal demo led by one of our salespeople.

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What Customers Are Saying

DEBx Medical B.V. is a Dutch medical technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the management of chronic wounds by enabling their healing, thereby improving the outcomes for millions of patients. DEBx Medical aims to support doctors and their patients from diagnosis through treatment, follow-up care, and maintenance of a healthy wound bed. Their core values focus on delivering affordable treatments that are easy to use and implement in daily clinical practice.

"We want to be transparent and Salesforce helps with that. We share all files, presentations, and training materials with our distributors and customers via Salesforce. User-friendliness comes first. In the conservative medical field, the system needs to be as simple as possible. That's why we chose OrderCentral."

B. J. Quint, Founder & CEO

DEBx Medical Download case study


distributor network


All files and training materials are available on the platform


and stock levels are in OrderCentral

"We’re pleased to say that our company has grown by 30% in 2020 thanks to OrderCentral. We now save at least 50% of our time as a result of newly automated processes provided by the platform. This automation also means zero chance of us making mistakes. Added to this is the fact that we have 90% fewer incoming calls from customers which really helps us save on resources. This means that thanks to OrderCentral, our company now has more valuable time available for other important processes."

Jan Twigt

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Reduction in customer calls


Time saved due to easy product automation


Company growth/year

360-degree customer-driven solution built on Salesforce

You’ll benefit from OrderCentral’s unique 360-degree overview of all your customer data in a single place and in real-time — from data on sales and marketing, to workflows and processes, as well as shopping and order information. All this information is right at your fingertips and at the click of a button.

Total customer convenience

OrderCentral is geared towards total customer convenience from the very first point of contact. We put your needs and the needs of your customers first from the get-go. This lets you focus on what matters within your business.

Constant evolution

At OrderCentral we work towards frequent platform evolution. We want you to have the best possible features for ease-of-use within our platform. That’s why we’re constantly developing and improving and we like to believe we’re growing together with your business too.

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Discover how Kunstgrasgigant uses Salesforce and OrderCentral to scale up their business and save 90% of time spend on calls.