Product features

OrderCentral is a dedicated B2B ecommerce platform. It provides you with all the functionalities needed to tailor your webshop seamlessly to the needs of business customers, partners and/or dealers.

OrderCentral is the B2B Commerce solution built on Salesforce

Webshop & eCommerce

A tailored webshop for every B2B customer

Opt for the ultimate customer experience with a B2B webshop that meets the needs of your customers. With OrderCentral, you can define your webshop range at customer or group level and manage price agreements, discounts and conditions. It is also possible to manage multiple B2B webshops from a single platform.

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Payment & order management

Serve your customers swiftly, efficiently and error-free

Take the hassle out of customer service. With a smooth check-out, comprehensive payment providing solutions and support for shared decision making, OrderCentral perfectly matches the needs of B2B companies. Moreover, with integrated inventory management and automatic workflows for shipping and returns, you can serve customers quickly, efficiently and error-free.

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User experience & service

Maximizing customer satisfaction through (self)service

Make it even easier for customers to place orders using filters, search options and AI-based product recommendations. Support them with a wide range of online support options and self-service tools, such as a customer portal or knowledge base.

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Analytics & marketing

All your lead and customer data in one platform

Stay one step ahead of the competition by making smart use of customer data and ecommerce analytics. With OrderCentral, you always have a 360° customer view. The integrated CRM functionalities ensure that your marketing, sales and service processes are optimally tailored to the needs of your B2B customers.

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