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With OrderCentral, you can develop an online shop that fits your consumer and company objectives within the automotive and auto parts industry. We provide out-of-the-box, e-commerce functionality, as well as automotive e-commerce specific modifications and catalog integrations.

E-commerce automotive industry

The automotive industry has evolved dramatically over the last several decades, as car sales in the United States have declined and more customers have turned to digital marketplaces. With COVID-19, lockdowns and worldwide supply chain issues led physical automobile sales to collapse. Despite the reduction in overall automobile sales, automotive e-commerce trends rose in 2021 and 2022, since most car purchasers had no other choice.

Times are changing in the automotive industry

In 2021, when business resumed, the surge in online sales continued, as buyers grew acclimated to the convenience of e-commerce solutions. Prior to COVID, around 30% of automobile purchasers in the United States were willing to buy online. That figure in 2021 jumped to a staggering 60%. These figures suggest that the e-commerce automotive industry is here to stay. This is not only relevant for car buyers, but also transactions between automotive businesses like manufacturers and dealerships. Some of the most well-known car manufacturers have focused on their automotive e-commerce market and social media presence like never before.

Your physical and online channels can co-exist

Automotive e-commerce does not have to be a separate procedure. Automotive e-commerce sales are frequently combined with physical sales in this industry. A new automobile, for example, can be purchased in person, and its aftermarket components can be acquired through an auto parts e-commerce portal. Automotive companies, like many other e-commerce businesses, are rapidly adopting an omnichannel strategy to selling, in which customers can utilize both physical and online channels to make an informed purchase.

Steer your customers in the right direction

As more and more people purchase online, manufacturers and distributors have been obliged to respond swiftly. Automotive companies who were unwilling to abandon the tried-and-true approach of physical sales were forced to adapt – whether they were prepared or not. This is a beneficial development for businesses, since the advantages of automotive e-commerce are enormous. With an online business model, automotive companies and dealerships may shape their client experience in a more general and less salesman-dependent manner. A company can improve the purchasing experience by using a B2B e-commerce platform like OrderCentral to create a tailored e-commerce website or webshops. Manufacturers can steer dealerships or part distributors in the correct path, to discover the cars or automotive components they need.

Get rid of the constraints of physical location

E-commerce eliminates geographical restrictions and boosts sales across several marketplaces. Customers can complete their automobile purchasing without having to worry about physical location. An e-commerce strategy enables automakers to enter new markets and sectors, making it more convenient than ever for a wider demographic to shop and purchase from anywhere. With OrderCentral, you can even have separate webshops based on location, so that your customers can only see the parts that are available in their region. Using e-commerce within the auto industry opens new doors, and can help forge relationships with dealers in regions you previously never reached.

“With OrderCentral, you can quickly and easily set up your B2B e-commerce for auto parts, offering your customers an online ordering and purchasing experience they're used to as a consumer.”

E-commerce auto parts

Are you a manufacturer of car parts? Why not give your dealers the convenience of being able to order parts online? By using OrderCentral to sell e-commerce car parts, your B2B clients can always have immediate access to their orders, inventory and invoices on a single platform. Automate procedures and enhance productivity With OrderCentral, your e-commerce auto parts catalog can be updated with new items and car parts as soon as they are uploaded to your ERP. And because OrderCentral integrates perfectly with any ERP you are currently using, these updates to your auto parts e-commerce catalog system don't cause any delays or interruptions. This also eliminates the possibility of human error, when transferring this data between multiple systems. Having everything under one roof provides you with a seamless workflow, increasing your team's productivity in the process.

Customer experience is the most crucial aspect

When it comes to expanding your business and selling more auto parts online, the customer experience is frequently the most important factor. Keep in mind that customers are more likely to abandon a cart when unnecessary steps are required for them to locate and buy a part. Is your website loading fast enough? Is it obvious and simple to verify that you've located the right part? These are all issues that can be hurting your business if they are not addressed. The best way to tackle them, is to create and manage a web shop with OrderCentral. This way, you can be certain that your clients can swiftly find what they need in a shop that is optimized for any device. In addition to providing a great customer experience, you will be able to effectively manage your relationships with retailers, dealers and your employees. Due to the automation of many corporate procedures made possible with OrderCentral, team members will be able to use their time more effectively on tasks that need attention.

E-commerce website for automotive parts

The management and understanding of hundreds of various automobile models, manufacturers, and parts is a large part of an automotive business. This can result in millions of options. Customers, however, need an easy-to-use, seamless e-commerce website for automotive parts. When you are ready to expand, you will have the tools to do so Selling automotive parts and accessories online can be complicated. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be challenging. OrderCentral gives you the tools to provide individualized catalogs, pricing, shipping, and payment experiences to dealers, distributors, and retailers. And it will all be on a platform that is convenient to use on all devices. Do you want to offer auto parts and automotive components in several languages, currencies, and with location-specific payment choices? Not a problem. OrderCentral has you covered, now, or whenever you decide to expand into new markets with your e-commerce website for automotive parts project.

Propel your business into the future

You need all the assistance you can get, whether you sell automobile parts, equipment, or cars online. There are now more automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles than ever before, which also means there is a demand for more auto parts and components. For your business to run smoothly, you need an e-commerce partner who is reliable, scalable, and future-proof. Don't allow growth to stand in your way. You cannot afford to ignore any chances for development, in the cutthroat auto parts market. The best platforms for automotive e-commerce increase performance and scalability, so that you can concentrate on increasing sales. And OrderCentral helps you do just that, while making the transition to e-commerce as fluid as possible. By opting for e-commerce software that was designed from the ground up for the challenges of B2B e-commerce, you invest in the long-term viability of your company.

Commerce automotive

Since vehicle components can vary greatly, as was already said, you need a B2B e-commerce platform that can support an infinite number of product catalogs with product combinations. Automotive firms will be able to meet the product research, ordering, and fulfillment demands of their clients with the aid of OrderCentral’s powerful e-commerce platform.

Top-of-the-line product configurator

An OrderCentral website gives you unrivaled capabilities to enable your consumers to entirely personalize products, if assembling them involves more than just a few selections. Do your products come in a variety of choices? You can simply manage these in OrderCentral. If a product's composition is more complex, OrderCentral gives you the option to include a top-of-the-line product configurator. Your B2B customers will be able to piece together customized products this way, making it simpler than ever for you and your client. This configurator is perfect for industries like commerce automotive.

Establish a strong foundation for your automotive business

Businesses nowadays must get customers' attention before the competitors, and the auto sector is no exception. However, the fierce competition in the market for new, used, and aftermarket commerce auto parts encourages businesses to innovate. E-commerce gives auto businesses a wider audience, more marketing options, and a chance to improve the consumer experience. You'll be able to save expenses, increase employee productivity, and streamline internal operations. Most significantly, you'll be able to establish a strong foundation for your auto parts company.

Welcome the change with OrderCentral

The car industry's slow transition into the realm of e-commerce is not a recent development; it has long been expected. This information emphasizes the necessary adjustments needed in the automobile industry. If nothing else, the virus may have provided many car companies with the final push they required to develop and update their methods for reaching customers and selling their products. The automotive move online couldn't have happened at a better moment and will allow this historically inventive industry to continue expanding. And there is no better way to expand and adopt this change, than with OrderCentral as your B2B e-commerce platform.

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