B2B e-commerce for distributors

B2B e-commerce for distributors is more important than ever. Now is the perfect time for distributors to access a growing pool of online B2B buyers, thanks to the rise and popularity of online shopping.

B2B e-commerce for distributors B2B e-commerce for distributors

Why is B2B e-commerce for distributors important?

Typically, a distributor acts as a middle man for a manufacturer and a client. A majority of distributors enter into agreements with manufacturers that give them the right to represent the company in particular regions. Many sell concurrently to wholesalers, retail partners, retailers, or other companies. However, much like solo shoppers, their B2B clients want to evaluate items, place orders, and receive their delivery quickly. B2B e-commerce for distributors will therefore aid them in increasing revenues, average order values, and repeat business. You need a versatile and strong B2B e-commerce platform, like OrderCentral, if you want to increase sales, penetrate new markets, attract new clients, or enhance internal efficiency with sophisticated automation features.

Your clients are online, therefore you need to be as well

B2B clients of today anticipate that their distributors will be accessible online and will have comprehensive, current product information through simple ordering platforms. A B2B e-commerce presence draws in new clients and enables them to explore, purchase, and place repeat orders. B2B clients are demanding improved customer experiences as more and more people shop online. Distributors must adopt an omnichannel sales strategy and grow across business sectors, distribution channels, and geographical areas. A B2B e-commerce platform, like OrderCentral, enables all of that.

How OrderCentral can help

Using a single platform to manage all of your client data, marketing, sales, and service-related operations will ease the stress of moving your business online. With OrderCentral, you will be able to share client information or leads with international partners or dealers quickly and securely. By doing this, you will always have a 360-degree view of your customers. Additionally, you can utilize dashboards, analytics, and KPIs to monitor the progress of your company. Your marketing team will also run more efficiently, as OrderCentral includes an integrated email marketing software, allowing automated campaigns and intelligent mailings based on consumer data. OrderCentral also provides you with the ability to manage and keep an eye on all of your social media accounts, providing synchronicity between your marketing and sales, in a single platform.

It’s not as overwhelming as it seems

Many distributors are hesitant to take the plunge. Others question if their investment in digital transformation will pay off, while some believe that their clients and goods are not suited for e-commerce. The recent pandemic has demonstrated to us that going online may be the only option to remain profitable. Technological advancements make it simpler than ever to match consumer demands and increase employee efficiency. Establishing an e-commerce presence doesn't call for sizable development teams, complicated software, or insane timescales. All you need is OrderCentral.

With OrderCentral, you can quickly and easily set up one or more B2B e-commerce platforms for distributors, offering your customers an online ordering and purchasing experience they're used to as a consumer.

B2B e-commerce for distributors - locally or globally

B2B customers want an easy-to-use and pleasant shopping experience. Your platform will need to be adaptable enough to accommodate every buyer if you intend to sell online. Storefronts ought to show personalized recommendations, alternatives for product information, and customer-specific pricing. Customers must be able to manage their orders and follow their shipments using self-service portals. These are all important features when it comes to B2B e-commerce for distributors - locally or globally. And OrderCentral gives you the opportunity to harness their power.

Sell internationally with ease

You are probably aware of the difficulty of navigating several VAT rates. With OrderCentral, this is a thing of the past. We are well equipped to handle this. From the central database, you can quickly generate numerous VAT rates and apply them to various consumer groups, according to the traits you specify, such as location. You will also have the ability to swiftly construct multiple webshops, each with its own unique look and feel, that will precisely complement your customers' business purchasing experience. This is perfect if you operate in multiple countries.

Your webshop will work for you 24/7

A distributor e-commerce webshop is constantly accessible to potential clients, since the internet doesn’t have opening and closing hours. This makes selling internationally across multiple time zones extremely easy. You will increase your sales and earnings by providing consumers with an easy navigable webshop, in which they can access and make payments at any time of the day.

E-commerce wholesale distributors

More than half of all B2B transactions are now completed through B2B e-commerce, and this number will only increase. Those who embrace this digital transformation and delve into e-commerce for wholesale distributors, can improve their sales approach by updating their outdated websites into cutting-edge B2B e-commerce webshops. B2B distribution companies with an e-commerce presence have a competitive advantage over their rivals.

A tailored purchasing experience has a powerful effect

Our B2B SaaS platform helps e-commerce wholesale distributors strengthen relationships with their online clients by providing robust customization tools and exclusive B2B capabilities. Create pertinent online product catalogs, implement client-specific pricing structures, and create distinctive customer processes to guarantee that your customers receive the finest possible service. To go a step further, your webshops will be completely responsive, making them possible to use on any mobile, desktop, or tablet device.

Your webshop is your most important asset

Many distributor websites make a straightforward shopping experience complex. A webshop that is well-designed attracts attention, keeps visitors on the page longer, and attracts more clients who make larger purchases. Distributors, however, have difficulty developing websites that make it easier to connect with B2B buyers. Due to rapidly changing client expectations and purchasing dynamics, the primary marketing and customer loyalty generator for distributors and wholesalers is their webshop, and setting one up with OrderCentral is easy.

B2B e-commerce for distributors is the future

One of the largest and most diverse business areas is the distribution sector. Many smaller distributors still rely on faxes, phone calls, and in-person meetings. They don’t include customized catalogs or a variety of payment methods. Their websites mostly offer spec sheets and manufacturer catalogs for download. They weren’t aware of the importance behind B2B e-commerce for distributors, and as a result, many distributors weren't ready when digitalization took over.

Self-service is essential for a distributor website

B2B buyers nowadays don't like to be sold to, and the pandemic-inspired digitalization trends have further strengthened this inclination. Did you know that self-service options are preferred by almost 40% of B2B purchasers? And that’s 10% more than last year. A majority of B2B customers want to avoid face-to-face meetings and don't want a salesperson to call them on the phone. This global trend will continue, and B2B purchasers will be increasingly conscious of their online experiences, as millennials assume positions of decision-making.

Getting started with B2B e-commerce for distributors

If you are just getting started with B2B e-commerce, it is important to note that your webshop should have more features than just a list of your items, technical details, and a contact form. The typical B2B customer doesn't want to call, email for further information, or read a PDF. An engaging webshop that makes purchasing simple is one that works well for distributors. You will need.a self-service platform that allows customers to browse items and place orders without getting in touch with a salesperson. By using OrderCentral, you will be able to create such a webshop, with flexible on-site search options for your whole catalog and a pricing engine that enables you to set custom rates based on many elements, such as client segments, seasonality, or demand.

Gain more control over your sales cycle

Distributors frequently worry that developing a new website may lessen their ability to control the sales cycle. On the other hand, interactions on e-commerce websites are incredibly quantitative and trackable with tools implemented into OrderCentral. These tools provide distributors with insights into the sources of web traffic, the methods by which users find you, and the actions they take once they are at your website, along with sales figures, order totals, and abandonment statistics. More data translates into more well-informed choices and increased effectiveness. With the correct data, distributors have greater freedom and flexibility to undertake A/B testing, process streamlining, and improvement implementation.

A modern solution for modern problems

The COVID-19 outbreak made it clear how crucial it is for distributors to have a functional e-commerce website. In-person meetings were swiftly discontinued, along with multiple company closures and curfew orders, so quick-thinking distributors switched to their webshops as their primary sales channel. Currently, over half of B2B transactions continue to be conducted through B2B e-commerce, and this number will only continue to rise.Therefore, an accessible, long-lasting e-commerce webshop for your distribution company is more than just a new channel for reaching your clientele. B2B e-commerce for distributors might be your company's last chance to survive in the current economic climate. And by using OrderCentral to create your webshop and offer your clients a modern customer experience, you can rest assured that you will have the tools necessary to remain relevant and supersede your competitors, as the world goes online.

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