B2B e-commerce integration

Working with multiple programs, apps, and systems can cost your company time and money. Are you looking to simplify all of these activities and data flows with B2B e-commerce integration? OrderCentral has the solution.

B2B e-commerce integration B2B e-commerce integration

What is B2B e-commerce integration?

It is critical to have all of your data in one place in order to match the expectations of B2B customers. Communication is essential between software, just as it is with your employees. B2B e-commerce integration is the process of connecting your e-commerce software to other areas of your business infrastructure.

Why is B2B e-commerce integration important?

The main reason you should implement B2B e-commerce integration is to process more orders faster, and have your personnel spend less time on paperwork. Regular monitoring of every component of a customer's order is one of the most difficult issues that businesses confront. Your B2B e-commerce platform should be able to interface with your inventory, sales, marketing, and accounting applications. This eliminates the need for your employees to manually track each product in your inventory. Furthermore, sales and marketing teams receive the information they require to do their work efficiently.

Streamline your order and warehouse fulfillment

Naturally, order fulfillment should be part of this integration. Reliance on fulfillment is a crucial aspect of a B2B customer's entire supply chain management. When someone puts in an order, they must choose products, including all necessary customizations and quantities, and then proceed to shipping and payments. Your finance department will require documentation of the transaction. Similarly, transaction data, including delivery information, will need to be sent to your warehouse for fulfillment. On top of this,the products must be removed from your inventory to prevent double selling. Having all of this data in one place via integration saves hours of manual labor, and eliminates guesswork.

Your different departments will thank you

Marketing and sales teams require data on what products consumers are actually purchasing, who is making those purchases, and in what amounts. This helps them accurately adjust marketing and sales techniques based on current trends. Depending on the demand for your product, you may even change your pricing. Your team will have to manually complete a lot of this work if there is no data integration. From manually copying data from one location to another, to finding misplaced flash drives to transmit data across systems, this introduces a lot of unnecessary work. This not only makes processes extremely slow, but also expensive. Luckily for you, OrderCentral’s state-of-the-art e-commerce platform can integrate with any B2B system you currently use.

“With OrderCentral, you can quickly and easily set up one or more B2B e-commerce integrations, offering your customers an online ordering and purchasing experience they're used to as a consumer.”

B2B e-commerce integration with any business

It's crucial to optimize the productivity and efficiency of your staff, no matter what field your company specializes in. With the help of OrderCentral’s platform, you can achieve B2B e-commerce integration with any business system. Integration has many more advantages than only time and money savings. We’ve just begun to scratch the surface of how integration may help you get the most out of OrderCentral’s B2B e-commerce platform.

OrderCentral is built on the most used CRM in the world: Salesforce

We built OrderCentral on Salesforce, the most comprehensive CRM platform in the world, making your B2B webshop and catalog more powerful than ever before. This is due to the seamless link with all of your client data. Your CRM system and B2B web shop are on the same platform when you use Salesforce SalesCloud and OrderCentral. This means that your CRM system has real-time access to all of your customers' order information. All of this data is presented clearly and reported according to your unique preferences, thanks to the rich dashboarding features in SalesCloud.

Automate your marketing with Marketing Cloud

Your marketing efforts and your web shop are often run by separate applications. However, proper integration will assist you in optimizing your consumer interactions. A complete integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud is possible, since OrderCentral is built on the Salesforce platform. This enables you to precisely optimize your marketing. Marketing Cloud unites a range of tools and services, including those for email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, digital advertising, and market development. It enables marketers to establish and execute specified user journeys, opening up a whole new world of automation possibilities.

Start your B2B e-commerce integration

With a CRM, e-commerce software and other business systems are frequently integrated. Given how heavily relationship-based B2B sales are, this is not unexpected. The sales and marketing teams are given the chance to develop and maintain customer relationships when a company's CRM and order management system are combined. Your CRM system can be integrated into OrderCentral’s e-commerce platform without any hassles. There are no links or plug-ins that might introduce security flaws or synchronization issues. Your entire client database will be housed in a single system and instantly accessible to all of your staff, giving you and your company all of the advantages of B2B e-commerce integration.

The past repeats itself, and you can profit from it

Do you frequently have to rely on educated guesses when making important marketing decisions? With proper integration, you will be enabled to direct and streamline unique user experiences. Gathered audience data will empower you to generate more relevant, focused content that corresponds directly to your customer’s objectives, corporate goals, and issues. This will shed light on what your target audience is likely to do in the future, based on what they have done in the past.

Actions speak louder than words

Integration allows you to create precise triggers from prospective customers that cause a range of actions. This is to essentially turn that prospect into a buyer, whether that be through personalized messaging or even target social media ads. Therefore, the days of randomly sending out emails in hopes of attracting new clientele are over. Instead, you may keep an eye out for crucial actions that can assist you in your marketing decisions. For example, you can follow up with tailored content and messaging if a prospect performs specific actions. Anything from them abandoning their cart during the purchase process, to visiting your social media pages.

Get your team on the same page

With the integration of user data, buyer behavior and campaign journeys, you will have a single customer view. The common ID that runs through your CRM and other data sources is the foundation of these connected profiles, allowing for the matching of important data to a single customer or prospect. The best part is that all of this data is compiled on a single platform, giving your employees access to a single source of information, removing any ambiguity, and guaranteeing that your whole team is on the same page.

B2B e-commerce ERP integration

ERP is an abbreviation for enterprise resource planning. Purchasing, finance, supply chain, compliance, and risk management are all included in this class of software. Your ERP system basically keeps your business running smoothly. B2B e-commerce ERP integration will undoubtedly assist your business in reducing risk, while also saving workers a ton of time. Thankfully, ERP integration is possible in OrderCentral’s platform.

Get rid of the guesswork, and say hello to efficient work

You may seamlessly integrate the data you currently have, like pricing structures, order availability, and customer information into your OrderCentral web shop. What does linking your web store to your ERP indicate for your company? The main advantages of using an ERP system are accurate and transparent information. By making data from every sector of your company readily available, ERP software enables complete access to every crucial operation in your organization. For instance, you may keep an eye on inventory levels every day, including merchandise that is presently in route and incoming shipments that have not yet been received. You effectively manage your working capital if you are fully aware of your inventory levels. The fact that all of your company's information is accessible in one place also enables greater cooperation and more efficient job fulfillment. Complete visibility enables inter-departmental operations to be performed with the greatest possible efficiency, resulting in more cohesive workflows. Integrate your system today, with OrderCentral Increased efficiency, automation, real-time access to financial and other KPI data, and the elimination of workflow bottlenecks will increase your profits and improve your standing with customers, stakeholders, coworkers, and partners. As a result of integration, you can get on the same level as, or even surpass, your competitors. You will be able to make better business assessments and decisions, since your company will be functioning so smoothly. A company can learn about their customers' spending patterns, lessen the workload of staff members, improve marketing and sales, and more effectively plan for the future. Integrations are essential for any e-commerce organization nowadays, especially those in the B2B market. And with OrderCentral, you can experience their effectiveness for yourself.

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