E-commerce construction

The epidemic has certainly made the need to digitize unavoidable, and as a result, the e-commerce construction industry has already started to flourish and is anticipated to grow over the next few years.

E-commerce construction industry ecommerce construction

E-commerce construction industry

Even in the construction industry, our expectations for how we conduct business have been fundamentally altered as a result of the accessibility and openness that the internet provides us in our everyday transactions. A 2019 consumer poll found that about 35% of contractors now anticipate doing all of their equipment rental business online. Top rental firms put a lot of effort into serving these clients. Some digital platforms for rental equipment, tools, and related services increased by 66% year over year.

However, some machinery rental businesses don't even support online transactions. A majority of contractors already have ties with a few rental companies and prefer to remain loyal to those companies. As a byproduct, a sizable portion of the income generated by these rental enterprises comes from returning clients. Therefore, rather than merely bringing in new business, e-commerce in the construction industry should be considered to maintain and strengthen current client connections.

Your buyers are from another generation

Did you know that B2B buyers are mostly millennials? But, why is that important? They prefer to do their research and make their purchases online. Millennials are said to conduct most of their buying online. And as more Boomer entrepreneurs transfer their roles to the next generation, the need for e-commerce in the building industry significantly increases. Everything about your company, including your website, customer reviews, and social media presence, should accurately represent your brand and be something to be proud of. Contractors must make sure the equipment they are purchasing or renting is of a high caliber, and comes from a reputable provider.

B2B buyers are more inclined to acquire a product or service if they have read reliable reviews about it. Trusting such services and suppliers is crucial since contractors depend on them to keep their construction companies running. And what better way to provide them with the information they need, than by creating an online e-commerce webshop?

“With OrderCentral, you can quickly and easily set up your B2B e-commerce for the construction industry, offering your customers an online ordering and purchasing experience they're used to as a consumer.”

Building materials e-commerce

Consider a typical contractor. They rarely spend time in front of a computer because they are out on worksites all day. They put a lot of effort into avoiding downtime and the associated costs, thus accessibility, availability, and convenience are their top priorities. What if some of their equipment fails, and they need a replacement? They need it as soon as possible. They must make sure they are working with a company that will consistently be there for them. As a result, contractors will continue to use your services if you provide a mobile experience that makes transactions faster than a phone call. By using OrderCentral to create an online webshop, your site will be optimized for all devices and be accessible night and day.

E-commerce doesn’t replace people. It makes them more efficient

B2B buyers prefer utilizing self-service solutions for reordering rather than speaking with a sales representative. That doesn’t mean that technology will eventually replace salespeople. Rather, e-commerce for construction management increases the sales representative's effectiveness. Sales representatives should concentrate on converting new customers rather than processing transactions. Suppliers of heavy machinery and parts must prioritize e-commerce, and be viewed as a way to improve the productivity of jobs, not as a way to replace them. People will still have a significant role in the sales process, and that will not change. B2B customers also find it beneficial to chat with someone before purchasing a brand-new item or service. The heavy equipment sector is where this is even more true.

It’s an industry that is ready for innovation. Are you?

As tasks become easier with online tools, tech companies continue to monitor construction e-commerce as the next market that is ready for innovation. Considering that habits and standards will continue to change as digital usage rises, suppliers and manufacturers of heavy machinery and construction equipment will have to adapt as contractors digitize their workflow and delve into contractor e-commerce. Businesses who fail to adapt to this change run the danger of falling behind their competitors.

E-commerce simplifies everything and opens to doors

The most effective approach to sell and distribute equipment and materials is through an online marketplace. Building materials e-commerce enables distributors, manufacturers and companies to work together quickly and effectively. And with the data and advanced analytic capabilities of OrderCentral’s platform, your business can learn more about your clients and test out new online sales opportunities. For instance, you can personalize products and marketing for certain consumers based on their buying habits. Online purchasers need products that are relevant to them. With an OrderCentral webshop, it's incredibly easy to set up several product assortments that can be quickly allocated to different consumer groups, making sure that your clients have access only to the products that they actually need.

Construction e-commerce companies

Professional contractors in the U.S. construction industry are impacted by the economy just as much as the average person. When contracts are easy to come by, employees are not. Costs for installation are rising due to a lack of labor. Contractors need access to a wide range of materials, affordable prices, consistent product availability, and reliable delivery. Some of the top e-commerce construction companies in the world are taking advantage of the data that comes along with digitalization, so why shouldn’t you?

Customize the products that your clients see based on region, buying history, and more.

The data acquired with the OrderCentral platform can be used to help you make informed decisions about inventories and purchasing. No one can read your customers like the data in online markets. In a way that is unmatched by in-store purchasing, customer patterns based on location, demographics, or many other characteristics are instantaneously accessible and measurable with e-commerce. If construction companies and machinery manufacturers/distributors overlook the influence of data, they will be at a severe disadvantage. For example, you can forecast customer behavior and the construction e-commerce trends in various locations. This enables you to consistently have products available based on regional demand. In order to fulfill the logistical issue of transporting construction materials to the work site on time, a contractor cannot afford to waste workers' valuable time stressing about delivery time. Direct shipment to the project site becomes a need, not a commodity. And since you were already aware, thanks to data, that there was a demand for this certain building material in that region, getting it where it needs to go on time is not a problem.

Give your clients their very own customer portal

The simplicity of setting up dropshipping is one of the key distinctions between an OrderCentral e-commerce shop and other platforms. We fully understand what it takes to accomplish your dropshipping process because we are completely focused on the B2B market. Consumers are accustomed to knowing the status of their orders in real time on an individual basis. This experience is also available in the customer portal that you can set up with OrderCentral. Instead of needless emails or phone calls to check on the progress of an order, they will have 24/7 access to information in one single location: your webshop.

Webshops in the construction industry

Building and renovation companies are discovering, like other businesses, that they must utilize technology to enhance operations, control costs, and satisfy customers. Construction has historically lagged behind other industries in adopting new technologies in this digital age, but that is beginning to change. One of the biggest factors involved in this shift is AI. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are ready to overhaul the building and construction industry, and this transition might alter how a contractor operates.

Artificial Intelligence will change the construction industry

AI may, for instance, speed up the design and construction process, by providing designs appropriate for a certain site or environment, identifying the materials, and automatically changing pricing to account for alterations. With the use of data analysis, it may be able to suggest building materials and anticipate client preferences while adapting and learning. What this means is that contractors will operate predominantly online and prefer to use resources and tools that are easily accessible through an app or over the internet. Manufacturers and distributors of construction equipment, tools and materials will also need to make this shift to keep up with the expectations of contractors and other construction companies.

Prepare for the future

Building material manufacturers are looking to enhance income streams and generate bigger sales without requiring to employ as many agents on the ground, therefore construction e-commerce is expected to grow at a high rate over the next several years. The impact of e-commerce on the construction industry will be undeniable, and having an e-commerce presence will soon be essential to keep up with these advancements. And with OrderCentral, you can have your online web shop up and running in just a few weeks.

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