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You need to go above and beyond by providing the greatest value in the fiercely competitive world of e-commerce retail. With OrderCentral, you can provide your consumers with a fantastic shopping experience that will make them want to return.

E-commerce retail industry ecommerce retail

E-commerce retail industry

E-commerce in the retail industry is becoming a disruptive force. Each year, e-commerce sales in the retail industry increase by 15%. The majority of online sales is driven by Amazon alone. With features like smart inventory tracking, advanced search functions, data analytics, and customization, Amazon has developed an incredibly seamless buying experience that other businesses are scrambling to copy. What if we told you that you could open up a webshop with all of these functions and more? Traditional establishments struggle to compete as e-commerce in retail expands, which, sadly, can lead to closure or bankruptcy. This doesn’t just pertain to small and independent businesses, but also larger establishments. The most profound way for brick and mortar stores to survive and prosper while more customers purchase their goods online, is by offering a webshop with a cutting-edge, high-end user experience.

People are always on the move, so your retail business should be too

One of the best ways to provide such a user experience is by optimizing your webshop for mobile devices. In recent years, mobile shopping has grown significantly. Customers from all around the world plan to use their smartphones or tablets to buy goods and services. As mobile purchasing increases, online businesses should also adopt the mobile-first strategy. This e-commerce trend will continue. Nowadays, customers frequently verify the merchandise on their portable devices before placing their orders. For online shops, it necessitates the use of mobile optimization. With OrderCentral, your webshop will show properly on smartphones, tablets and all other devices. This means that you can give your clients the best service possible, regardless of where they are accessing your website from.

Control the narrative and build a great reputation for your business

Customers can get personalized products, more affordable prices, and easier accessibility through online e-commerce. To maximize sales conversions, you must take into account the user journey across various platforms like mobile, desktop, and your physical store if you own one. Incorporating a multi-channel strategy and ensuring a smooth shopping experience across platforms is important. For instance, if a customer adds products to a cart on mobile and then switches to a PC, the contents should update in real time.

Customers' perceptions of your company are impacted and influenced by the presence of your company webshop/website. There is a reputational component to this that cannot be disregarded; in today's environment, not possessing a website can be interpreted as an indication that you are not prepared to make investments in your own company. The very last thing you want is for future and current consumers to believe that the company you have poured your heart, soul, and money into is unimportant to you. Owning a webshop offers you the chance to take the initiative in establishing and enhancing the reputation of your company.

“With OrderCentral, you can quickly and easily set up your B2B e-commerce for the retail industry, offering your customers an online ordering and purchasing experience they're used to as a consumer.”

Retail e-commerce

E-commerce for retail doesn’t just affect brick-and-mortar shops. If you are a retail manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, it is just as important for you to have a webshop and online presence. Due to the extensive complexity of the purchasing process and their broad customer base, B2B companies believe that retail e-commerce is not an option for them. However, you can easily overcome these obstacles if you have a proper e-commerce solution, like OrderCentral.

Order fulfillment made easy

Clothing wholesalers will also need to discover new methods to provide value if they want to survive this e-commerce transition. Fulfilling orders is becoming increasingly difficult as more wholesale sellers switch to online business models, but OrderCentral has the tools to combat this. Our built-in inventory management software offers better supply chain insight so that you can see and address problems. Automated workflows make it easy to manage your inventory and speed up order processing. With OrderCentral, you will be able to provide clients with thorough updates on the progress of their orders, and establish effective protocols for shipment and returns. They will also have information about products’ availability and delivery tracking. Setting up a database within OrderCentral is hassle-free, but you can also connect your existing inventory control system if you wish.

Automate your email marketing

One of the finest communication routes for converting your audience is e-commerce email marketing. For a number of reasons, people leave their shopping carts empty. Sometimes they simply need to get reminded that they have done so. In addition, you could also send an email to potential customers that are in the deliberation phase of the buyer journey, who frequently look at a product more than once. Regardless of the products they browse, your audience will value the personalisation of the email. This is all possible with OrderCentral’s integrated email marketing software.

Use the data to your advantage

By using a single platform to manage all of your client data, marketing, sales, and service-related operations, you will have the chance to look deeper into your business and monitor performance over time. With OrderCentral, you can utilize dashboards, analytics, and KPIs to monitor the progress of your company. Easily combine data sets and do whatever analysis you choose. You will be able to view top-selling items, stock availability, top clients, order statuses, and much more. This is extremely valuable in retail e-commerce. To increase customer loyalty, you can identify the consumers who are buying the most and develop a campaign that is tailored to their purchasing preferences. You will have the power to keep track of the average value of orders to discover which goods have an impact on sales. Based on this information, there is a lot that can be done, and it can aid in further tailoring future marketing and advertising campaigns.

Retail e-commerce companies

Some of the top e-commerce retail companies in the U.S. retail industry started from just having physical stores. They saw the importance of having their products available online, so they made the shift to a hybrid system. They saw the retail e-commerce trends and realized an opportunity to expand and stay afloat in the digital age, by adding value for their customers.

A webshop adds value for you customers

How can a retail company add value for its customers? You are dealing with the issue of supplying your consumers with the appropriate products that they are looking for. But if a consumer can't physically visit your retail business, how will they know if you can solve their problems and offer the proper products? There are only two alternatives available to customers: they can call or look you up online. And when 75% of people usually do product research online, you know that most people will choose the latter. Regardless of whether you have a strong internet presence, your clients will search for you there. You can also provide value by making it simple for clients to customize and configure products with multiple options (such as size, color, etc.) OrderCentral gives you the option to include a fully working product configurator. Your customers will be able to purchase exactly what they need without any hassles.

Not having a web presence can result in significant losses

Online users are searching for your company. Lacking a website is like having a store with empty shelves. Do you really want potential customers to be met with absolutely nothing when they search for your company online? Having a webshop gives your business the chance to demonstrate to prospective clients that it is the best location to get whatever it is they're searching for. Not having a webshop is a missed opportunity, and there isn’t a better way to build one than with OrderCentral. In addition to a webshop, you will be able to integrate many aspects of your business with modern tech. You can link your webshop to your social media accounts, create automatic customer growth methods, gather and analyze detailed customer data, and execute email acquisition techniques. When it comes to integrating OrderCentral into your workflow to expand your business, the options are virtually limitless.

Webshop for retail

Online shopping is quick and convenient. Dealing with parking and traffic is a thing of the past. With retail e-commerce, you locate the product you need, and a few clicks later, it will be delivered right to you. Customers nowadays are pampered for convenience. It’s important that you provide this in your webshop for retail.

The time is now

Prior to the availability of internet shopping, practically all purchases required visiting a real store, exploring the merchandise, and buying what they had, even if it wasn’t necessarily exactly what you were looking for. And then the internet stepped in and everything changed. Now, the options are endless. And in the relatively short amount of time that it has been around, the impact of e-commerce on retail has been evident. It’s not going anywhere, so there is no better time than now to open up a retail webshop.

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