B2B software

Offer your corporate customers a state-of-the-art online customer experience in your B2B webshop or customer portal. Complete their needs seamlessly with marketing, sales and service from the same B2B software. Built on the most advanced CRM system worldwide: Salesforce.

B2B software B2B software solutions

B2B software solutions

CRM e-Commerce software

Meet customer needs better than the competition

In the midst of a transparent and highly competitive market, you make the difference by responding to customer needs in a better way than your competitors. This is where OrderCentral steps in. We have integrated customer relationship management and ecommerce into one platform. Gain more insight by combining all data on prospect and customer activities in one place.

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B2B eCommerce software

Boost your online sales with a B2B webshop or portal

More and more business customers prefer placing orders themselves. When it suits them and without the intervention of salespeople. Using OrderCentral, you will be able to offer B2B customers a user-friendly online shop or portal, while you retain all the options to differentiate with your product range and prices. This is the basis for growth in turnover and customer satisfaction.

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Single Platform eCommerce software

Manage all your processes from one central platform

Is your organization facing more and more friction because you work with different programs, applications and systems? Have you noticed that the integration of all these workflows and data streams is becoming increasingly difficult? OrderCentral provides you with a single platform for marketing, sales, fulfillment and service, enabling you to grow in a scalable way and better respond to customer needs.

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Catalog Management software

Offer B2B customers an always-up-to-date online catalog

Obsolete versions of catalogs, outdated price lists, products that are no longer available; they all lead to discussions with customers and may cost you a lot of money. OrderCentral brings together one online catalog that is easy to manage. Your customers will always have access to the right product information and real-time stock data, giving you the possibility to differentiate your assortment and prices on an individual or group level. 

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International eCommerce software

Serve customers worldwide from a centralized platform 

Are you planning international growth? OrderCentral makes it easy for you to scale up across borders with new webshops and client portals. This way, you'll always be ready to tap into new markets. What's more, you'll be able to respond effortlessly to country- and market-specific needs and work efficiently with colleagues, dealers or partners on a cross-border basis. 

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“In the midst of a transparent and highly competitive market, you make the difference by responding to customer needs in a better way than your competitors. This is where OrderCentral steps in.”

Frequently asked questions

  • How much does OrderCentral cost?

    It all depends on your needs. Check out our pricing page for more information.

  • How long does the implementation of OrderCentral take?

    You can have a B2B webshop up and running in just a few weeks. Based on the complexity of your webshop and business processes, we'll draw up a precise implementation plan.

  • Who implements OrderCentral?

    OrderCentral collaborates with implementation partners. They know OrderCentral well and are specialists in the cloud solutions from Salesforce. We'll be happy to put you in touch with one of our partners.

  • Can I connect OrderCentral to my ERP system?

    Certainly. You can also choose to use a cloudbased ERP system on the Salesforce platform, for optimal integration.

  • Is OrderCentral undergoing ongoing development?

    Yes. We release updates and new releases regularly. Because OrderCentral is a SaaS (software as a service) solution, you'll always have the latest version of our B2B e-commerce platform.

  • What is the support like?

    Your implementation partner will provide support for OrderCentral. You'll make agreements about this together. OrderCentral supports its partners with technical support and new releases.

  • Is OrderCentral secure?

    Yes, it is. Security and privacy by design were the starting points for the development of OrderCentral. You also benefit from the continuous efforts of Salesforce to minimize cyber risks.

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Business to business software

The ability to gather, arrange, and analyze data with business to business software is essential for every B2B company. It enables businesses to make prompt, fact-based choices, such as detecting inefficiencies and requirements for changing workflows. Businesses (such as wholesale distributors or manufacturers) use B2B software for a number of processes. These may include customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), inventory and more.

With OrderCentral, you can achieve all of your business goals

Maintaining a competitive edge requires businesses to offer competitive prices, product availability, and prompt delivery. These business objectives can only be met by improving operational effectiveness, reducing expenses, and raising revenue. That’s where business to business software like OrderCentral comes into play. B2B software that you integrate into your company provides all of the tools and business analytics necessary to guarantee that you achieve your business goals.

B2B webshop software

While many B2B businesses are aware of the advantages of having an e-commerce website, some still insist on using more antiquated methods, such as phone or email transactions. The fact is that using B2B webshop software to conduct wholesale and reseller operations is far easier. The success of your B2B online endeavor depends on choosing an appropriate e-commerce solution. Not every e-commerce platform is designed like OrderCentral, meaning that they are not predominantly built to handle business-to-business transactions.

Easily implement customer segmentation

The large orders that wholesalers deal with usually differ from customer to customer. Therefore, these firms require stringent group designations for customer segmentation. B2B businesses should be able to categorize their clients. Businesses may do this to customize each segment's pricing, minimum order requirements, and group-specific information (such as promotions, shipping, and payment methods). Additionally, their shopping cart experience should also be tailored to them.

Show prices and products to specific clients

Based on the customer or the customer group, B2B businesses might vary their pricing. Additionally, even if you are merely segmenting your customers to tailor the shopping experience, you will frequently discover that your more demanding customers want "special" product prices. The central component of a B2B eCommerce website is the option to set various base prices for any item in your collection and attribute these to specific customer groups. The requirement for a client-specific product catalog follows closely behind the capacity to offer pricing that is particular to each customer. Your e-commerce webshop should let you show certain products that are exclusively available to particular consumers. Setting up these variable prices and products is easy with OrderCentral.

B2B portal software

A B2B portal is an online platform that enables you to manage your interactions with other businesses, including your clients, partners, and suppliers. It is extremely important for these portals to be user friendly and built to modern standards. The world is always changing and companies must be able to respond to changes quickly and sensibly if they want to stay competitive. With OrderCentral’s B2B portal software, you can rest easy knowing that your webshop and portal will look great on all devices, no matter what advancements the future holds.

Convenience for you, your staff, and your clients

Give your clients access to all of their bills, agreements, warranties, and contracts in a handy online space. They will always have access to all of their crucial documents this way. With OrderCentral, you can also help your consumers by offering them access to a knowledge portal that contains product sheets, manuals, frequently asked questions, and other pertinent information. Customers will enjoy more convenience as a result, and your service employees will be able to focus more on other important tasks.

A fluid user experience is key

We have all seen it before; the crowded displays, poorly labeled buttons, and irrelevant designs. These user experience issues may keep the user away forever. To ensure the success of your B2B portal, it must be optimized for all devices and provide a fluid user experience. User-friendliness is extremely important for businesses. By building a webshop and portal with OrderCentral, you will be guaranteed a UI that is clear, straightforward, and brimming with vitality.

Enterprise B2B software

The main objective of B2B enterprise software is to serve a broad variety of user roles in order to facilitate the operations of huge businesses. OrderCentral does just that, and more. With all the tools necessary to run a business under one roof, companies can obtain productivity and efficiency like never before.

Integrate your ERP with OrderCentral

The process of integrating your ERP software (enterprise resource planning) with other platforms is known as an ERP integration. Information will be able to move back and forth across your systems thanks to this integration. It is a method for streamlining corporate operations and boosting efficiency. An ERP can automate the order fulfillment process for your e-commerce business. You can benefit from this by increasing same-day fulfillment of internet orders and completing orders more quickly. Consider how many hours of labor you could save each month.

Integration ensures a smooth growth

Without an ERP integration in play, businesses would have to separately maintain and update stock count in its ERP system and their e-commerce platform. This makes scalability extremely challenging as sales go up and your inventory grows. The brilliance of ERP integration is just that. Whether you're a B2B or B2C company, as your processes become more sophisticated, so does your business. You end up needing more than what isolated, unconnected solutions can offer. An ERP also incorporates other elements of e-commerce, including; inventory control, management of supply chains, fulfillment, and data on sales and payments. If all of these aspects are fragmented and not integrated into your B2B platform, you will have a hard time running an efficient and profitable business. Luckily for you, OrderCentral can easily integrate with your ERP.

B2B open source software

Many smaller and mid-sized businesses begin using open source B2B software because they believe it to be more affordable and user-friendly. The most glaring drawbacks, however, are the need to remain up to date with the newest plug-ins, updates, and patches. These drawbacks, together with open-source software's lack of security, can be detrimental to one’s business.

They are complex and often come with hidden costs

Open source programs can be challenging to install and operate. They might not have features that your employees are accustomed to using, and usually lack user-friendly interfaces. This may have an impact on productivity and hinder your staff's ability to operate at their best level. You will need to consider training, data migration, integration and even program customization. Customizing the program to suit your unique requirements will not only cost you time, but also money. Oftentimes a development team is needed to test, update, and deploy new versions of the software.

Don’t leave your business vulnerable

Simply said, if you don't keep up with updates and patches, your website will eventually stop working (or even worse, get hacked). And with open source software, you are alone responsible (or the developers you hire to do it for you). Are the people you're paying to handle your website staying up to date with the newest risks and technologies? What occurs when the open source platform approaches the end of its life? Your site will soon stop functioning as it is no longer being maintained. A secure and up-to-date platform like OrderCentral must be in place as your business develops and your website's requirements change.

You don’t need to worry about security and updates with OrderCentral

You need to satisfy your customers and operate your business. With OrderCentral’s software, you will be able to enjoy a platform that is built with security in mind, stopping hackers in their tracks. On top of that, we regularly roll out updates and patches behind the scenes, so that you can just focus on running your business. OrderCentral gives you and your customers peace of mind, with state of the art security and automatic updates that don’t hinder your productivity.

B2B ordering software

An essential component of any B2B firm is order handling. It is the process of keeping track of and managing the orders placed by different clients. Businesses can unify their whole sales and buying processes into one platform by using B2B ordering software like OrderCentral. The time needed for tracking and delivering orders is significantly reduced with the aid of a B2B order management system. As a result, inventory management can also be managed more effectively.

Order tracking for you and your customers

With the help of OrderCentral, you can make sure that your operations stay on track, and provide useful realtime information to your clients. Your consumers are accustomed to knowing the status of their orders on an individual basis. This experience is also available to your customers through OrderCentral, in their very own customer portal. Instead of endless emails or phone calls to check on the progress of an order, they will have access to 24/7 information in one location.