B2B e-commerce software

OrderCentral offers B2B e-commerce software that makes running a business easy. Quickly set up a user-friendly B2B webshop or customer portal, while retaining all the possibilities to differentiate your product range and pricing.

Accommodate changing needs of B2B customers

A growing number of B2B customers prefer being able to place orders themselves. Without the intervention of sales reps and at a time that suits them. OrderCentral allows you to respond to their needs and offer them the customer experience they are used to from leading consumer webshops or B2C platforms. Using templates and a drag-and-drop editor, you can easily and instantly set up an attractive webshop or customer portal that displays perfectly on all devices.


Customization of prices and conditions is possible

Easily differentiate between products, prices, discounts, conditions as well as payment and delivery methods at customer level, market segment or region, from one central platform. This ensures that your customers, once they log in, always get to see an offer that is relevant to them and that corresponds to the agreements made.


Show smart suggestions based on AI

Drive sales by providing customers with targeted, personalized product recommendations based on their order history or previous interaction with you. Make their lives easier by preparing orders for consumables or reminding them with automatic reminders to replace parts.


Integrate all your channels and workflows

OrderCentral brings all your customer data and information about customer interactions together in one platform. Be it in your webshop, through social media, a phone call to your customer contact center or an email from your marketing team. This ensures that you always have a 360-degree customer view and can capitalize on customer needs.

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Business to business e-commerce software

Your business to business e-commerce software is the foundation of your online business. It will have a significant influence on its long-term success and growth, regardless of whether you want to sell to local customers or enter new markets around the world. Due to B2B businesses being frequently more sophisticated than B2C businesses, it is crucial to pick a solution that meets the requirements of B2B, like OrderCentral.

Our software makes it easy for both you and your customers

Using B2B e-commerce software significantly increases efficiency for B2B organizations. Customers can place orders online at their leisure, allowing you and your company to concentrate on providing real customer care, rather than just taking orders. Additionally, automated processes and ordering, remove the need to modify data in separate systems, decreasing the chance of mistakes. This boosts order completion and further enhances shipping process efficiency. A B2B e-commerce website can provide your clients a method to buy your products online, while also providing you a number of other advantages for your company. Imagine a world where your customers, dealers, or distributors can manage their orders, view prices and receive custom product recommendations, all in one online location. A business to business e-commerce software like OrderCentral can provide this, as well as help you and your company maximize productivity, boost revenue, and enhance customer experiences.

Accommodate changing needs of B2B customers

A growing number of B2B customers prefer being able to place orders themselves, without the intervention of sales reps, and at a time that suits them. OrderCentral’s business to business e-commerce software allows you to respond to their needs, and offer them the customer experience they are used to from leading consumer webshops or B2C platforms. Using templates and a drag-and-drop editor, you can easily set up an attractive webshop or customer portal that displays perfectly on all devices.

Attract new customers and increase brand awareness

To attract new B2B clients, a B2B e-commerce website with a public catalog is an effective strategy. Your potential customers will not only prefer online shopping, but also demand it. B2B buyers, just like their B2C counterparts, also use search engines to compare products and discover the best deals online. By making your catalog public to the masses, you can attract new visitors and turn them into buyers by creating a flexible B2B e-commerce site with abundant SEO-friendly content. This is one of the best ways to enhance, expand, and market your brand both domestically and globally. For a consistent online presence and exposure, an e-commerce web shop managed by your B2B e-commerce software is essential.

B2B commerce software

If the need for B2B commerce software hasn’t been apparent to you as of yet, take a look below at what we have to offer. Our team at OrderCentral will stop at nothing to make sure your software is fully integrated with the systems you have in place. On the other hand, if you are a company that is dipping their feet into the e-commerce world, our software can be your one stop shop for everything you need to run a successful e-commerce business.

Everybody wants a fluid customer experience

B2B consumers have often had to talk with a sales representative before purchasing a product, as part of this specialized sales process. Today's clients, however, demand the freedom to make purchases at any hour of day, therefore your B2B web shop must provide a customized purchasing experience that is simple to use. Fortunately, OrderCentral can assist you in providing a personalized user experience, based on custom variables in which you can set. This results in increased conversions and more sales.

Just in case you are reading this on your phone

In addition to this customization, by using OrderCentral, you are ensuring that your webshop and entire checkout process is optimized for all devices. Responsiveness is equally crucial for a positive customer experience. Through the use of responsive web design, OrderCentral webshops are mobile-optimized and provide a simple checkout process, no matter which device your customers use.

Scalability is the number one priority

One of the most important aspects of any B2B e-commerce software is scalability. Even if your online business doesn't see a lot of traffic at the moment, it's crucial to have the foundation necessary to manage the growing demand that will occur as your company grows and draws more clients. You wouldn't want your website to break if there was an unexpected spike in traffic, so it is vital to use a platform that can handle the load. The ideal option is cloud-based e-commerce software like the one provided by OrderCentral, since it is designed to grow with you and your business, while delivering maximum speed and functionality, even during busy times.

With OrderCentral, you can conquer the world

Access to the global marketplace is now possible on a level that would have never been dreamed of before. With the way the world is interconnected, being able to sell worldwide is essential for long-term and sustained success, and that process begins with OrderCentral. We provide software that allows for internationalization and that will grow with you and provides you the flexibility to sell in new locations anytime you want. As a worldwide company, you will undoubtedly have to deal with different VAT rates in each jurisdiction. However, this will never be an issue with OrderCentral's webshops. We are well equipped to handle this. From the central database, you can quickly generate numerous VAT rates and apply them to various consumer groups according to the traits you specify.

Customer groups and different prices

B2B e-commerce companies are frequently more complicated than B2C e-commerce companies. Due to the complexities and regulations often involved in selling to other businesses, you must be able to adjust your e-commerce platform to account for various user-specific buyer experiences. As a result, your preferred e-commerce software should provide you the flexibility to individually permit or prohibit access to particular areas of your website. You could, for instance, wish to; keep your bulk pricing a secret from your B2C clients, remove all price information for certain locations, or completely conceal your B2B website from those who are not signed up. By going with OrderCentral, you can be sure that your B2B e-commerce software enables you to make these decisions.

Common misconceptions about using B2B e-commerce software

We have seen it all too much; a great idea for not being exercised to its fullest potential. A large cause of that are doubts. Doubts can be a real creativity and efficiency killer. But, let us tell you, no matter what field your business is geared towards, OrderCentral has a place for you with our B2B e-commerce software, and using it to expand your business online, is easier than you might think. There are a lot of misconceptions about B2B e-commerce out there, so let’s clear a few of them up.

“The relationship with customers will be less personal”

Due to the fear that the relationship between customers and salespeople would be ruined, a lot of companies are hesitant to install a B2B e-commerce solution. However, the truth is just the reverse. With the aid of an integrated CRM, sales representatives will be more prepared to comprehend each client and respond appropriately. Instead of merely taking orders, they participate in the process as partners and consultants. Imagine getting a notification to offer assistance when a frequent customer doesn't place an order on time. Imagine being able to assist customers with smart purchases by studying previous seasonal purchasing quantities and sale frequency. With OrderCentral, you have the tools necessary to improve your relationship with customers.

“It will cost a lot of money to maintain”

If you create your own platform, the worry of hidden and additional costs is truly well due. Should you want to do this, you should think about the cost of hiring a team of developers to keep your platform updated and bug-free as technology advances. The cost of that upkeep is sometimes a hidden price that may eventually outweigh the cost of initially constructing the platform. However, skimping on upkeep and upgrades causes a platform to eventually become out of date and useless. These costs are averted if you choose to use a SaaS platform, like OrderCentral, rather than building your site from scratch. You are exempt from paying for updates and maintenance because they are handled by us. And because our software is cloud-based, all updates occur right under your nose.

Modern times call for modern solutions

If you are looking to make a splash with your online B2B business, it is essential to be able to deliver your customers a great experience, no matter which device they use. It is also equally important to have software that helps you run your business more efficiently, with the ability to grow alongside your business. With OrderCentral, not only are you able to unlock your most productive self, but you can have peace of mind knowing that your webshop will meet modern standards, and provide scalability that would not have been achievable through other means.