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OrderCentral is a B2B software company that gives you all the tools you need to smoothly adapt your webshop to the requirements of business clients, partners, and/or dealers.

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What makes a great B2B software company?

There are many aspects that make up a great B2B software company. First of all, their software needs to be accessible and easy to use. How much more accessible can you get than cloud-based? OrderCentral is a cloud-based software that users can access online for all of their e-commerce needs. And because it is cloud-based, it can be quickly integrated with other systems and provides a plethora of advantages compared to other B2B software companies. Read below to find out why OrderCentral is one of the top B2B software companies around.

“With OrderCentral, you can quickly and easily set up one or more B2B software solution, offering your customers an online ordering and purchasing experience they're used to as a consumer.”

B2B software services

It all gets down to types of B2B software services that OrderCentral provides. Whether you are in need of custom product configuration or even flexible VAT calculations. Worrying about these headaches is a thing of the past.

Simplifying product configuration

Do you offer multiple options for your products? You can easily manage these in OrderCentral. If the product's composition is more complicated, OrderCentral allows you to include a fully functional product configurator. Your B2B customer can then assemble a customized product step by step. It's easier than ever for you, and your customer.

No longer worry about the right VAT rate

As a worldwide company, you will undoubtedly have to work with different VAT rates in each jurisdiction. However, this will never be an issue with OrderCentral's webshops. We are fully equipped to handle this. From the central database, you can quickly generate numerous VAT rates and apply them to various consumer groups according to the traits you specify, without requiring a programmer in any way.

All the data you need in a single click

B2B customers place much larger and more complex business orders than consumers do. You can provide your staff and clients with comprehensive and in-depth order analysis using OrderCentral. Being experts in B2B webshops, we are accustomed to handling complex orders. We always provide thorough insights on your orders to both you and your clients.

Integrated AI

Our B2B e-commerce platform's integrated artificial intelligence makes sure that your clients constantly get suggestions for products that are pertinent to their needs. This helps you improve your turnover, while also helping your clientele find what they need. Not only that, but if you have an assortment of thousands of products, your dealers and partners can easily find the right products, thanks to the advanced filters and search engines implemented into your OrderCentral webshop.

B2B software companies list

When comparing OrderCentral to other B2B software companies, you will find that we offer some of the most valuable functionalities that one can find in a platform. Many B2B software companies list an overwhelming amount of non-functional features along with empty promises pertaining to ease of use. OrderCentral is different. Here is a list of issues that we have managed to resolve with our superior B2B e-commerce platform.

Even with other SaaS companies, development can be expensive

Since other platforms use a unique content management system, it can be quite expensive to change the design, functionality, and other aspects of your website. Developers will cost you between $5,000 and $10,000, just for adjustments on a modest level. Using such a service will actually cost you quite a lot more in the long run, if you wish to add customized features to your website. This is where OrderCentral shines. You will be able to effortlessly create an appealing online shop using templates and a drag-and-drop editor. There is no need for a developer, even if down the road you want to redesign your site, add products, or customize certain pages. Every option is included and easy to change within OrderCentral’s software.

Other platforms don’t let you grow as a business

There are certain platforms that are made specifically for the needs of startups. A start-up business typically worries about how long it will last, and does not want to spend a lot of money up front to get an advantage. However, once a business has passed the startup stage, certain platforms really work against its growth, due to the platform’s fees and lack of customization options. For a growing business, scalability is extremely important. We can all agree that the state of modern business is unpredictable. As a business leader, it is your responsibility to anticipate these developments and to be ready for them. You need a scalable B2B e-commerce platform like OrderCentral to grow with your business. Other platforms can limit the potential of your business.

A lot of platforms don’t let you offer different prices for different customers

In contrast to B2C retailers, who normally give the same cost to all clients, this is a special problem. However, it's crucial for B2B businesses to manage pricing on a per-customer basis.

For instance, you may provide a 5% discount on particular products to a customer, due to a prearranged agreement, but you wouldn't want other consumers to see this deal when they're browsing. Most e-commerce systems lack this capability, and even those that actually specialize in B2B have implementation that is, to say the least, cumbersome. However, with an OrderCentral webshop, you can simply show each customer their own specific price. And you won’t have to jump through hoops to set it all up.

B2B software supplier

What does B2B software mean for your business? How customer-focused your objectives are will determine this. OrderCentral is not only a B2B software supplier that cares about you, the business owner. We also care about your customers and want them to enjoy their online experience as much as possible.

A confused customer is bad for business

There are a few simplified B2B e-commerce solutions that do not give B2B clients access to fundamental self-service functions, like viewing the status of their orders, or looking up delivery details for a specific transaction. Your customers will have to get in touch with your sales or support staff each time they have a question or need additional information about a purchase if your B2B platform doesn't provide these options. That results in a lot of time and effort being wasted. What is the remedy? You'd be correct if you guessed OrderCentral. With our software, you can give your clients access to all of their bills, agreements, warranties, and service contracts in a handy online space. You can even help your customers by offering them access to a knowledge portal that contains product sheets, manuals, frequently asked questions, and other pertinent information. Customers will enjoy more convenience as a result, and your customer service department will love you for it.

Other software isn’t really designed for B2B, despite what they tell you

A majority of the time, B2B e-commerce systems aren't really B2B platforms; instead, they are a jumble of awkwardly sized third-party applications and plugins slapped on top of a B2C platform. Due to this, B2B capabilities on other systems frequently seem like afterthoughts. They frequently are! The user experience is not at all created with B2B users in mind. Even when such characteristics exist, they frequently fall below expectations. Maybe you have been using a platform for B2B e-commerce, and quickly came to realize that it is not at all what it is cracked up to be. And the reason for this is that many "B2B e-commerce systems" do not provide a seamless, quick, and efficient B2B shopping experience. Instead, they are designed to B2C specifications and only moderately modified to cater to B2B businesses. As a result, the user experience is, to put it mildly, poor. This is one of the reasons why many B2B business owners believe that B2B e-commerce is a terrible investment. That can not be farther from the truth! In comparison, OrderCentral's B2B functionalities is an essential part of its design, and not just an afterthought. Because of this, it provides more B2B functionality than any other e-commerce platform, and these functions actually work as intended. OrderCentral is trueB2B.

Think about what your competitors are doing

Consider how using the appropriate B2B solution might stop your competitors in their tracks, in addition to the immediate advantages to your clients. Competitors now have more possibilities than ever to target new markets, and you best believe they're taking advantage of those opportunities thanks to advancements in software. The quick rise of your rivals might be an indication of your steady downfall. It is vital that you defend your area or at least maintain parity with them. You are a company that sells to other businesses, so you are aware of the requirements, preferences, and difficulties a developing business faces. OrderCentral enables you to take advantage of the possibilities, while providing solutions for the B2B problems we know all too well.

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