Catalog management

OrderCentral allows you to manage your product range from a single database, so that your customers always have access to the correct product information, prices and stock levels.

Easily manage and share your product range via a single platform

Outdated versions of catalogs, outdated price lists, products that are no longer available; they all lead to costly and frustrating conversations with customers. OrderCentral enables you to manage your product assortment from one central cloud platform. You determine exactly how you want to serve your customers. Via one or more webshops, a customer portal, online catalog or external marketplaces? No matter which of these you choose, you can always offer your customers access to the correct product, price information and real-time stock data.


Process individual agreements

OrderCentral makes it easy to differentiate the range of products, prices, discounts, conditions and payment and delivery methods. This makes it possible to show each customer an individual catalog, which is as relevant as possible. You can divide your online offerings by target group, region or country.


Show smart suggestions based on AI

Boost your sales by showing customers cross- and upsell opportunities based on their order history or interaction with your employees. Make it easy for them by anticipating orders for consumables or reminding them with automatic reminders to replace parts.


Offer B2B customers an optimal shopping experience

Make it easy for customers by introducing search options and filtering possibilities or by showing assembled products based on parts lists. Alternatively, let customers configure their own products to meet their needs. OrderCentral makes it easy for your customers to find what they're looking for. No matter how large your assortment is.

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