International e-commerce

OrderCentral enables B2B companies to respond to country- and market-specific customer, dealer and partner needs in a scalable and efficient way.

Incorporate e-commerce and customer relationship management

Are you pursuing international growth? If so, it's imperative that your marketing, sales, fulfillment and service are organized in a scalable manner. OrderCentral provides you with one central platform for cross border e-commerce and international customer relationship management (CRM). Easily manage and launch new country-specific webshops and online portals. By storing all your customer data in OrderCentral, you'll be able to quickly and personally respond to the needs of your customers, dealers and partners. Wherever they may be located.


Versatile display of languages and payment methods

Effortlessly serve your international customers in their own language and display prices in any currency. Automatically calculate the correct taxes and shipping costs and offer customers the payment and shipping methods they are familiar with.


Respond to customer needs per country

Easily implement a dedicated webshop and/or customer portal per region, country or brand, which you can use to respond to cultural differences or specific market needs. All products and workflows are managed from one central platform.


Collaborate with international partners effortlessly

Establish efficient international workflows and collaborate with foreign branches in real time on the basis of up-to-date customer data. Use portals to empower your partners or dealers so that they too can optimize their marketing, sales and service.

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