Single Platform e-commerce

Manage all your customer data, marketing, sales, fullfillment and service workflows from one platform. This enables you to expand with greater efficiency and reduces risk.

Minimize risks and secure your business continuity

Has your organization experienced increasing friction as a result of working with different programs, applications and systems? Is integration between all these workflows and data flows becoming increasingly difficult? The fragmentation of data and lack of overview are serious threats to growth and a cause of failure costs. Moreover, working with multiple tools is a risk to the continuity of your business, as updates quickly endanger the connection and exchange of data. For this reason, growing and large companies are opting for single platform e-commerce solutions such as OrderCentral.


Optimize your omnichannel strategy

OrderCentral makes it possible to serve customers from a single platform, through virtually any channel. From webshop to customer portal and from your social media accounts to emails, phone calls and chats via your sales department and customer contact center. You will always have a 360-degree customer view!


Drive more value from your customer data

Having all the necessary customer data and their interaction with your company in one platform (single source of truth) allows you to perform more accurate data analysis. Moreover, it is easy to respond to the needs of prospects and customers in an even more focused way while offering a consistent brand experience.


Reduce failure costs and synchronization issues

OrderCentral is a cloud platform. Your employees, partners and dealers will all always have the same version and the same workflows, customer data, prices and terms and conditions in real time. Eliminating data silos reduces your failure costs and collaboration problems, while increasing your data quality.

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