5 reasons why your CRM & Commerce should be combined

23-10-2019 - It is of vital importance for your organization to offer your customers personalized service. This is possible when you know what is important for them. By combining your CRM and your webshop or order management solution you can offer your customers the best personal service.

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1. No integration needed

Performing integrations is often a costly, time-consuming, and vulnerable process. You can avoid this by using just one solution for both your CRM and your order management. As well as saving time and money you would have all your customer information available in the same tool. This ensures that you and your team have more time for other business.

This is how you change your webshop from just a webshop to one easy-to-use self-service portal for your customers.

4. Fixes of known B2B e-commerce challenges

Market research shows us that after implementing a B2B webshop, companies struggle to maintain the same relationship with their clients. Without the CRM & order management connection, it’s harder for your sales team to stay on top of inactive clients. When a client becomes inactive or starts to order less than normal, your CRM will show it directly.

2. All customer information in one place

We’ve already talked a bit about it in reason 1, but it’s so important it gets its own reason. By using your CRM you would have all your customer information stored in one secure place. This means you would have your orders, cases, and documentation but also your price agreements and purchase history all stored in the same solution. It ensures that your processes are not as lengthy and time-consuming, freeing your agenda to help your customers in a better way. All customer information in one solution gives you the ability to easily and quickly get reports and analyses of your customer’s purchase habits, even in real-time!

3. Additional processes can easily be added to your webshop

A one solution CRM & Commerce gives you the ability to expand your webshop with other processes that your favorite CRM offers. This is how you change your webshop from just a webshop to one easy-to-use self-service portal for your customers. Besides ordering your products they can also download valuable information, solve problems with a FAQ section or even contact your team with any queries they might have.

5. Access to a world of knowledge

Across the world, there are developers and consultants who know exactly how your CRM works. By adding your order management solution and webshop to your CRM, a whole new world of knowledge opens. These developers and consultants will make sure this technology fits seamlessly in your organization. As a business, you’ll want to choose a solution that many people know and understand. This means you have quick access and knowledge available in an instance.


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