More business with a B2B webshop

B2B customers also prefer to quickly and easily place orders online. With OrderCentral, you can offer them a user-friendly B2B webshop or B2B order portal and incorporate all the functionalities needed to boost your e-commerce.

More business with a B2B webshop

As a B2B company, you cater to your customers in a different way than B2C companies. You may be working with individual price agreements, you may be giving volume discounts to large customers or you may be serving different target groups with your own product range. That all calls for a different type of webshop. OrderCentral has been specially developed to meet the needs of B2B companies. You'll benefit from a B2B webshop that integrates into your business operations perfectly.

Your B2B webshop live in no-time
OrderCentral provides a large number of templates for B2B webshops and B2B order portals. These templates are easy to customize based on your corporate identity. As a result, our partners don't have to customize your B2B webshop, but merely implement it for you. Saving you a lot of time and money. With OrderCentral, you'll be able to go live faster than if you were using a competing B2B e-commerce platform.

Customize your B2B webshop with ease
Looking to update your B2B webshop over time? Not a problem. By means of the drag-and-drop editor you can easily make adjustments to, for example, the structure of a product page or the checkout procedure. No need to hire expensive programmers. You can also easily roll out new product ranges or test product propositions.

10 key features for your B2B webshop

  • Open or restricted environment

    Opt for a public B2B webshop or display your products in a closed online environment, accessible to customers with login details.

  • Price differentiation

    Effortlessly process individual price agreements with customers in your B2B webshop. Alternatively, differentiate by country, region, dealer or market segment using prices and discounts or by using graduated and net price lists.

  • Product range differentiation

    Manage the product range of your B2B webshop at an individual level. Show customers only the product groups, (spare) parts or consumables relevant to them.

  • Multiple storefronts

    Establish multiple B2B webshops with a distinct identity and domain name. Or in another language, with customized currency and VAT settings, shipping costs and ordering methods. All from a single webshop system, with a single product database.

  • Prepare shopping basket

    Allow sales or service staff to prepare repeat orders for customers in advance or to compile a shopping cart.

  • Upselling and cross-selling

    Use smart algorithms to show customers the recommendations relevant to them. For instance, based on their fleet of machines or previous purchases.

  • Payment providing integration

    Allow customers to pay for their orders quickly and easily in your B2B webshop. On account, via invoice or by direct payment via bank or credit card.

  • B2B customer portal

    Besides a B2B webshop, offer your customers an online customer portal containing all their invoices, contracts, warranty documents and service agreements.

  • Responsive design

    Your B2B webshop is perfectly displayed on smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers and loads incredibly fast. This way you offer business customers the best customer experience.

  • Webshop analytics

    Besides a B2B webshop, offer your customers an online customer portal containing all their invoices, contracts, warranty documents and service agreements.

Work together with dealers in a seamless way
Are you a manufacturer, wholesaler or importer selling products via dealers? OrderCentral will enable you to keep a grip on the e-commerce process and work smoothly with partners both nationally and internationally. Provide your dealers with an ordering and service portal or simply refer end users to the right partner based on country or region through your B2B webshop.

A single e-commerce platform or smart links
OrderCentral has all the functionalities needed to operate as an independent B2B webshop. Whether you want to manage your catalog, inventory or invoices, OrderCentral is the tool to do it all. Furthermore, OrderCentral offers you extensive features in the areas of marketing, sales and service. All in one convenient platform. Needless to say, it's also possible to link your B2B webshop to the systems you're already using, such as Exact Online or SAP. With more than XX connections, OrderCentral will always fit in seamlessly with your business operations.

Your B2B webshop is always safe and up-to-date
The OrderCentral team continuously develops the system behind your webshop. This way, we will always keep your B2B webshop safe. We're also constantly adding new features to B2B e-commerce, allowing you to offer your customers an even better customer experience. As OrderCentral is a cloud-based solution, deploying these new features is as easy as pie!  

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