B2B e-commerce platform comparison

Are you not sure if OrderCentral is right for you and your business? Take a look below at our B2B e-commerce platform comparison.

Other platforms
By quote
On demand / not possible
Designed for B2C, adjusted for B2B
Focus on ecommerce
By partner
By 3rd party
Go Live time
Weeks / Months
Web based
Custom code
Support Documentation
Dependent on specific skills for new features, limited docmentation
Storefront Technology
Standalone platform/technology different then ecommerce core. Requires integration between back and front-end.
Fixed shipping options
API layer for integration
Limited / outdated / non existend
ERP/PIM integrations
Need plugin, if not exist not possible
Support Availability
Office hours of specific region

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Comparison of B2B e-commerce platforms

A B2B e-commerce platform comparison will reveal that OrderCentral has some of the most flexible pricing on the market. With three main price tiers (starter, advanced and enterprise), it isn’t important which phase your business is in. Whether you are a startup or an established B2B e-commerce firm, there is an option for you. And with our standard package, you can go live in as little as five days. With other platforms, you may have to wait weeks or even months! Are you still on the fence? A trial is directly available from us. Take OrderCentral for a test spin, and see the difference.

OrderCentral is built for B2B e-commerce

Other platforms are mostly designed for B2C e-commerce, and are only adjusted slightly to fit the needs and requirements of B2B e-commerce. There may not appear to be many distinctions between B2C and B2B e-commerce at a first look. The goal of both is to sell products online, right? On the contrary, B2B webshops must satisfy a number of extra demands of professional customers in order to offer a practical alternative to B2B sales. A platform that lacks this focus, may seem like a viable solution at the moment, but can be detrimental to your business in the future.

Our focus is on growth

Using a platform that is not specifically built for B2B e-commerce can result in integrations not working correctly, as well as the need for additional custom code. More importantly, it prevents your business from growing, and growth is what OrderCentral is all about. Our all-in-one platform has been built specifically for B2B e-commerce, providing smooth integrations and scalability that you can’t find in other platforms. Our focus is to provide tools and functionalities that ensure your business runs as efficiently as possible, while making it easy to expand and adapt as your business reaches new heights.

A B2B e-commerce platform comparison of Salesforce

Some platforms provide too many features that one might not need for their specific business model. Who wants to pay for unneeded tools? In addition, maybe you just don’t have the budget at the moment to invest in such a platform. That’s where OrderCentral comes in. With our B2B e-commerce platform, you can start off with the tools you need, and easily expand your toolbox when the time is right. Are you starting locally, and don’t require advanced shipping calculation yet? That also means that you will only need one webshop, rather than multiple ones for each region. OrderCentral can provide you with a basic setup without all of the bells and whistles, at a lower price too. And if down the line you need these tools, it is easy and straightforward to upgrade.

Which platform is right for you?

There are many e-commerce platforms, and each of them touts themselves as the greatest. However, rather than looking for the best, what you should really be asking yourself is: which one is ideal for you? Different platforms work for different businesses and workflows. Your industry, business size, objectives, and demands all play a role. We hope that this B2B e-commerce platform comparison has helped you come to a conclusion, or at the very least, brought you closer to one.