5 tips for a successful B2B webshop

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Are you considering a B2B webshop? Or do you want to improve the results of your B2B webshop? Read about what successful B2B companies do to serve customers online.

Tip 1: Work with custom storefronts

Most B2B companies have an extensive product range, accessible to multiple target groups. Of course not all products are interesting or relevant to different customers. Suppose you sell complex machines. If I, as a business customer, have chosen for brand X, I’m not interested in seeing spare parts of brand Y. By working with custom store fronts, you can offer customers a more relevant shopping experience. OrderCentral allows you to provide every customer with a personalized webshop. Containing only the products relevant to them and, of course, customer-specific price agreements.

Tip 2: Offer a seamless customer experience

Your business customer regularly orders from Amazon or another platform when it comes to personal purchases. These purchases are done in the evening and during the weekend. It's fast, smooth and they know exactly what to expect. The bar for your business webshop is a lot higher than it used to be. Make sure that you provide:

  • An organized layout: make sure customers can easily navigate through your webshop. It helps if you match your experience to what customers are used to when shopping online for B2B. For this purpose, OrderCentral offers you numerous templates.
  • Fast loading time: waiting 3 entire seconds for a product page to load? That's an eternity, customers will be sure to find the competitor’s webshop.
  • Complete information: customers are used to being able to find everything online. So make sure you have detailed product pages with photos, product descriptions, quantities, variants, dimensions etc.
  • Responsive display: more and more online B2B purchases are made from a smartphone. An optimal mobile display is therefore a must.

Tip 3: Provide filters and search options

Most B2B companies have a very extensive product range. Make it easy for your customers to place an order in a fast way. You can do this by offering filters and search options. This allows a customer to search by item number, for example, but also by displaying all relevant consumables for his or her organization with a few mouse clicks.

Tip 4: Up-to-date inventory information is key

Especially if you sell through different channels, it is crucial that your stock information is up to date. You don't want to have to call or e-mail your customers if an order cannot be delivered (in full). This not only costs a lot of time (and margin), but also affects your customers' trust and the chance of repeat orders. OrderCentral solves this by working with a single inventory database in our platform or a link to your inventory management system. This way, you can give your customers insight into the availability and delivery time of products through every channel.

Tip 5: Integrate all service activities online

Make your customer and your organization happy by expanding your webshop into a complete online customer portal. A place where B2B customers, for example:

  • view their order history
  • easily place repeat orders
  • are able to download all invoices
  • have real-time insight into the status of their order
  • easily register returns
  • find manuals, warranty certificates and more
  • are able to easily find answers to frequently asked questions

OrderCentral offers you all these possibilities. This way, you can connect to the growing self-service needs of your customers. It also reduces the number of phone calls and emails to your customer service. Customer friendly and efficient.