Case study DEBx Medical

DEBx Medical has developed a revolutionary product (Debrichem) for the treatment of chronic wounds. Thanks to OrderCentral, the company can quickly and flawlessly process orders and easily maintain contact with international customers and distributors.

De behoefte

Now that Debrichem has been entered into the market in Europe, South Africa and Australia, DEBx Medical expects a rapid global expansion. The company wanted to anticipate this with a scalable platform and an unambiguous, automated approach to customer relationship management and order management. Their main needs were:

  • clear insight into the customer base and easy maintenance of customer contact.
  • fast and error-free handling of orders and questions.
  • easy knowledge sharing with distributors and customers.
  • ability Noto anticipate a diversity of international tax rules.

The solution

DEBx Medical has implemented OrderCentral. From now on, customers can easily place their order online and distributors can find all the necessary files, presentations, and training materials in the knowledge base. DEBx Medical now has insight into all orders and stocks in one platform and can easily expand OrderCentral in the long term with a B2B web shop. OrderCentral is enriched with the CRM functionality of Salesforce. This allows DEBx Medical to manage their contact with customers and distributors in the same platform.

The result

  • DEBx Medical has an overview of international order flows and can quickly process orders, manage stocks, and answer questions.
  • Various checks and balances in the system ensure that DEBx Medical can process orders without errors.
  • Employees can spend their time efficiently because many business processes are automated.
  • DEBx Medical can serve customers and distributors better and faster and provide unambiguous information.
  • The regulatory officer of DEBx Medical can add all countries where Debrichem is admitted from one platform and ensures that the right distributors have a connection. He ensures that all administration is in order before the product is sold.
  • The legal officer of DEBx Medical can manage all agreements in one platform and set up the legal requirements properly.

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