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Salesforce has a solid reputation and its popularity is growing year by year, but maybe it is not the right platform for you and your business. A Salesforce alternative like OrderCentral may be just what you need.

Salesforce alternative Salesforce alternative

Salesforce alternatives

Salesforce was designed for enterprises, which often generate hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and employ a significant number of people. This may not sound like your company, and that is okay! Your organization may have 100, 50, or even 10 or less employees who truly need to utilize your CRM and B2B e-commerce platform. The size of your team calls for different demands, budgets, and outcomes. It may be worth investigating Salesforce alternatives to better suit your business.

OrderCentral is designed for businesses of all sizes

Whether you are a startup wanting to delve into the realm of e-commerce or a seasoned entrepreneur looking for an easy single platform to unify work and data flows, OrderCentral could be the Salesforce alternative you are looking for. An effective B2B e-commerce platform makes all the difference, regardless of the stage your company is in. It enables you to attend to the needs of your customers and provide them the customer experience they deserve on an intuitive platform. And best of all, when your business moves on to its next phase, due to OrderCentral’s scalability, you won’t miss a beat.

“With OrderCentral as Salesforce alternative, you can quickly and easily set up one or more B2B e-commerce integrations, offering your customers an online ordering and purchasing experience they're used to as a consumer.”

Sana Commerce alternatives

When it comes to finding a Salesforce alternative, there are many platforms on the market; Sana Commerce, Shopify, Woocommerce and Magento are a few of the big names in town. A large factor for you when choosing a platform will most likely be the pricing. Many platforms are quite affordable, but that discount often comes at another price. You may not be getting the level of flexibility and customization that you think you are getting. OrderCentral is a viable Sana Commerce alternative, because you can have full control over the look and functionality of your e-commerce webshop, without having to buy and install additional plugins.

Additional costs can easily add up

With OrderCentral, you can create an appealing online shop fast and effortlessly using our templates and a drag-and-drop editor. No need for code here, or extra costs to get the functions you need. The shop will work flawlessly on all devices and you will have the tools necessary to provide your customers with a seamless user experience. Are you trying to set up a public internet catalog with no prices? Or perhaps a secure portal with direct payment and ordering options for authorized clients? Everything is possible with OrderCentral.

Shopify B2B alternatives

Typically, Shopify is what manufacturers and distributors immediately think of when they are considering diving into the uncharted waters of B2B e-commerce, and are looking for Salesforce alternatives. They want a reliable and hassle-free option to set up a webshop for their B2B clients. However, if you are just starting out, you probably want to reach new prospective customers and have your webshop indexed on search engines and visible to the public. This way, you will be able to harness the power of SEO to further grow your business. A Shopify B2B alternative like OrderCentral gives you the possibility to have a public webshop and/or a storefront gated behind a login screen.

Different storefronts for different audiences

OrderCentral makes it easy to set up multiple storefronts for whichever purpose you deem necessary. Do you operate internationally? Or maybe you collaborate with partners or retailers and want to show them a completely different shop with different prices? If so, OrderCentral's multiple storefront option is ideal. This option allows you to swiftly construct multiple storefronts, each with a unique look and feel that will precisely complement your customers' business purchasing experience. You will be able to provide your B2B customers with portals tailored to their needs, while also being able to reap the benefits of SEO with a public webshop (if you choose to).

Woocommerce B2B alternatives

In your search for a Salesforce alternative, you may come across a few open source platforms like Woocommerce, which is built on Wordpress. Open source software is a great cost effective option for some businesses, but it is not for everybody. Looking for a Woocommerce B2B alternative might be worth your while, especially if you do not want to be limited to a Wordpress CMS.

We do all the coding, so you don’t have to

With open source software, everything is completely customisable…with the use of CSS, HTML and PHP code. Do these terms seem foreign to you? Then an open source platform is probably not right for your company. If you don’t have experience working with code and don’t want to hire a development team, then going with a SaaS platform like OrderCentral is your best bet. Programming knowledge and coding isn’t necessary to use OrderCentral, and we make sure that you are presented with an intuitive interface to design and set up your webshop(s).

Open source platforms are not really “free”

Don't let open source's cost-free download fool you. To get these platforms set up and working, there will be a lot more labor and technical skills required. You'll need to develop your theme, get hosting, and secure it. Using open source is like building a brand new e-commerce website from scratch. On the other hand, SaaS systems like OrderCentral are designed for out-of-the-box capabilities. To create your store, we offer user-friendly UIs and pre-built themes to get you started. In addition, you won’t have to worry about hosting or security, because this is all handled on our end.

Hassle free integrations

You could have an ERP, inventory management system, or CRM in addition to your e-commerce platform. You should think about how effectively each platform connects with these applications, whether you need them now or later. Each platform may differ in its integration capabilities. Due to the fact that you are usually changing a lot of code with open source platforms, integration efforts may take longer and be more unpredictable. Transferring data between systems could need greater preparation on your side. OrderCentral on the other hand, makes integration painless. With seamless integrations, you will be capable of making superior business judgments and decisions. Your business can improve its marketing and sales efforts by better understanding the purchasing habits of clients. With OrderCentral, you can be better prepared for the future.

Unparalleled support and security

Open source systems require you to depend on your developers for maintenance and support. You are in charge of the platform's administration and entire infrastructure. You need to set up hosting as well as keep up with software updates. If something goes wrong in your platform, you alone (or your team) must identify and address the problem. Some business owners want total control over performance, site speed, and the infrastructure-building process. If that sounds like you, then open source could be the route to take. However, if you would prefer to not have to worry about maintenance and security updates, then OrderCentral is right for you.

Magento B2B alternatives

While researching other Salesforce alternatives, you might find that they offer a lot of the same functionalities and tools, but often come with an extra layer of complexity. The structure of the Magento system is fantastic, yet enormous. Therefore, you will want extremely capable and experienced teams of developers and testers to construct an online store. This might not be in the cards for you, especially if you are just getting your feet wet in the world of e-commerce and want to get your webshop up and running as soon as possible. Don’t worry, OrderCentral is a Magento B2B alternative catered to businesses like yours.

Looking for a fast and simple e-commerce webshop launch?

With OrderCentral, your B2B webshop can be launched and operational in a matter of weeks. We'll create a detailed implementation strategy based on the scale of your webshop and business operations, which is something that separates us from other platforms. Based on your business plan and needs, you will be supplied with a platform with the exact tools necessary to start and run your business as efficiently as possible.

Choose the right platform for you

Every company has growing pains while choosing which e-commerce platform to utilize as the hub of their operations. You should only need to make this decision once, and with proper implementation, you shouldn't be required to switch platforms. Companies frequently switch because the platform they chose was the wrong platform for them to begin with. Switching platforms frequently will just keep you in a state of limbo without anything to show for it. Long-term benefits accrue from choosing an e-commerce platform that addresses your company’s needs and grows with your business. OrderCentral can do just that for you, and more.

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