Streamline e-commerce with Salesforce Order Management

Are you looking to rapidly and seamlessly sell to B2B customers online? OrderCentral brings together a complete B2B e-commerce platform, integrating the functionalities of Salesforce Order Management and Salesforce Commerce.

What is Salesforce Order Management?

Salesforce Order Management is a Salesforce solution that allows you to manage and handle the entire order cycle of online B2B orders. From order entry to payment, internal order processing to shipping and returns. Salesforce Order Management software makes your fulfillment processes scalable by automating and standardizing them. As a result, you can more effectively process online orders and your customers will know the status of their orders at every step of the customer journey. 

Salesforce Order Management in your e-commerce environment

OrderCentral is a ready-to-use and complete B2B e-commerce platform, incorporating the key features of Salesforce Order Management. Your customers can use your B2B webshop, online catalog or customer portal to place and manage their orders. These orders automatically arrive at the right place in your organizations, while your teams always have access to all the information needed to process an order or answer customer questions.

Useful e-commerce and order management features

  • Price and asset management

    Create an online environment for your business customers in which they only see products that are relevant to them. Moreover, display the correct prices effortlessly, incorporating individual discount agreements.

  • Filters and search options

    Make it easy for customers to fill their shopping carts, with advanced filters and smart search options. In our B2B online platform you can also easily enter collections or product ranges.

  • Partial deliveries possible

    Do you serve several regions or deliver from multiple locations? With the integrated features of Salesforce Order Management, even complex orders and partial deliveries are not an issue.

  • Smooth return processes

    Do customers want to cancel (part of) their order, return products or make a complaint? If so, they'll be able to do so themselves. Saving your service staff a lot of work.

  • Automated workflows

    Use the drag-and-drop editor to easily create automated processes for placing orders, making payments and processing orders. This will save you time and customers will always be informed their order status.

  • Payment providing integration

    Make it as easy as possible for your customers with different payment options or create automatic invoicing processes for orders.

  • Multiple storefronts

    The same webshop, using a different domain name and with an individual look and feel? Arrange it swiftly and simply from a single online B2B platform. Convenient if, for example, you have international ambitions or multiple brand labels.

  • Online customer portal

    Make your e-commerce environment more comprehensive with an online customer portal. This online environment always gives customers access to their invoices, manuals, product documentation and warranty documents, for example, while enabling them to easily contact your service desk if they have any questions.

Why integrated order management is crucial

Placing orders online in a quick and easy way. That's the standard for many B2B companies these days. Where do you make the difference compared to the competition? In everything that happens as soon as the customer clicks the purchase button. In other words, with order management. B2B customers not only expect you to deliver in time and as a whole, but also to give them insight into the status of their order. With separate solutions for e-commerce and order management, it's difficult to provide that transparency. Internal order processing requires more time and money, and the risk of errors is greater. With the integrated functionality of Salesforce Order Management and Salesforce B2B Commerce in OrderCentral, you can offer your customers that seamless customer experience.

Unite all your business processes in a single platform

Feel like taking it one step further? You can. Since OrderCentral is built on Salesforce's proven cloud technology, you can leverage more than just the power of Salesforce Order Management. You can also manage all your processes and data in the field of sales, service and marketing in a single online platform. This enables you to respond even better to customer needs. It will also increase the scalability of your organisation! 

Getting started with e-commerce and order management

OrderCentral facilitates starting with e-commerce and order management or optimizing your existing e-commerce processes. Our partners will implement the Salesforce Order Management and Salesforce Commerce functionalities on your behalf. Furthermore, they will support you in optimizing your processes, ensuring that you get the most out of OrderCentral. How about managing and adjusting your B2B webshop or automatic workflows? No problem thanks to the large number of templates and the drag-and-drop editor in OrderCentral. As a result, you can always adapt swiftly to changes in the market or roll out new propositions.

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