Jos Strijbosch

Business Development Director
Jos Strijbosch

Derk Slagman

Technical Director
Derk Slagman

Henk van Middendorp

Managing Director
Henk van Middendorp

Our mission? To help B2B companies increase online sales and better meet the needs of their customers.

Our perspective on B2B ecommerce

OrderCentral is a Netherlands-based provider of B2B ecommerce solutions. Our drive? Helping B2B companies around the world to sell more online and respond better to customer needs.

Our solutions are developed based on the challenges and business processes of manufacturers, wholesalers, business service providers, partner organizations and dealerships. And align with our ecommerce vision:

The customer at the heart of the business
We believe it is essential to put the customer first in ecommerce and all processes related to it. Only then can you offer a distinctive online customer experience.

Integration is key
To serve customers, partners and dealers through a growing number of channels in a rapidly changing market, an all-in-one platform is essential. Integration of solutions in the areas of ecommerce, order management, marketing, sales and service is necessary to grow in a scalable way.

Cloud and crowd
The future is cloudbased. On-premise ecommerce software cannot compete successfully in the long run with cloud solutions that are being further developed globally. That's why we use Salesforce's proven cloud technology.

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